Omg i met this girl on the gaypride in amsterdam and i FORGOT her fucking name and i dont have a number or anything. The only thing i know is that she is gorgeous and lives in amsterdam. What am i suppose to do now 😭💔

Believe in the power of fate my friend…

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ahah I can be lovely, but you're that plus very easy on the eyes! =P Is this year that you are going to go to Italy?? or am I late and you've gone there already??

Heading away in September. It doesn’t feel like I’m going at all though. I need to start planning stuff!

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yoo I inverted my drawing and it’s 200% times better

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Damn! Those eyes keep me hypnotise!!! Oh Ireland... just when I was there I didn't see such beauties!

Hot damn!! Haha you’re lovely!

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Someone hold me & fuck John Joe Delaney…