Festival season is nearly upon us. FUCKING EXCITED!


You should treat your girlfriend like a princess and her throne should be your face.

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Just seen your latest picture post, aren't you looking lovely! When did the blonde happen?! We've swapped, I'm brunette now! Haha. I'm good thank you, things are going crazy with work, good crazy though. How've you been?

Haha yeahhhh girl. I’ve been blonde for quite some time now. You’re looking lovely yourself! As always 😊 ah very good! So you’re a a busy bee?:) ya I’m good. I’ve an exam in two weeks so just studying away. It’s all very boring! Aha

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come closer and I'll entertain you! ;p

Oh you cheeky little minx. Sounds delightful!

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Fucking bored off my tits. Someone entertaaaain me.